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This page may help you if you're looking for plants for a particular spot in your garden with different sections for shade, damp soil etc.

If you also want to know what plants to grow to attract a certain type of wildlife, please look at our Planting for Wildlife Page.

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Full Sun

Bee on big yellow sunflower

These are the real sun-lovers but unless your garden is on a south-facing slope, they're not all going to get full sun all day. If they receive about 6 hours of direct sun per day in the middle of summer, they'll be happy. 


Sun loving plants that will tolerate most soil types

Corn Marigold



Sun loving plants that prefer well-drained soil

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Californian Poppy


Common Toadflax

Corn Chamomile


Cornflower Polka Dot


Cosmos Sensation

Dyer's Chamomile


Greek Oregano





Pot Marjoram


Viper's Bugloss

White Clover


Sun loving plants that prefer moist but well-drained soil

Clary Sage

Red Clover



Yellow Rattle


Sun loving plants that prefer moist soil


Garlic Chives


Purple Loosestrife


** Available soon

Full Sun or Partial Shade

Ox-eye daisy flowers

These are the really easy going plants. They'll cope with full sun or shade for part of the day. About 3 hours of direct sunshine a day in the middle of summer should keep them smiling. 


Red Campion flowers

These are woodland plants so will cope with the sort of shade you find under deciduous trees. They do need some moisture however and may struggle under evergreens.


Plants for very damp soil

Purple loosestrife flowers

These are plants that in the wild, will cope with wetland or pond edge conditions.

Plants for Clay Soils

Meadowsweet flowers

These plants will tolerate clay soil

Meadowsweet **

Lady's Bedstraw

Field Scabious

Ox-eye Daisy

Bird's Foot Trefoil