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Home » Dill Seeds - ‘Monarch’ - Anethum graveolens - Culinary Herb

Dill Seeds - ‘Monarch’ - Anethum graveolens - Culinary Herb

Type: Hardy Annual Herb
Approximate height: Up to 70 cm
Flowering Time: Summer
Site and soil type: Tolerates most soils but prefers an open site in full sun.
When to sow: Outside growing - mid-spring to mid-summer. Inside growing - all year round
Where to sow Outside, direct into soil. Inside, into bio-degradable pots.
Packet contents: Approximately 800 seeds / 1.2 g

Dill is a large herb with feathery green leaves and sprays of yellow flowers which are popular with both bees and butterflies.

Both the seeds and the leaves can be used for flavouring with the seeds having a stronger, sharper flavour. 

‘Monarch’ is a compact variety with a resistance to bolting and is ideal for containers and pots.

All our seed packets include sowing instructions.

Jemima’s Garden seeds are plastic free and reyclable. They’re contained in an inner glassine envelope, (made from pine wood cellulose), and an outer Kraft paper seed packet. Any shipping packaging is also plastic free and recyclable.