Welcome to Jemima’s Garden,

With the serious decline in insect numbers we are keen to encourage the growing of plants that will help increase  biodiversity in our gardens.

A lot of modern plants are bred for their appearance and while they may look pretty,  many provide little in the way of pollen or nectar for insects.  

By planting native wildflowers, old-fashioned cottage garden favourites and even some herbs you will provide food for a variety of insects which in turn will will attract birds, mammals and amphibians into your garden.

If you have room for a wildflower meadow, that's wonderful, but even a window box, or a few pots can make a difference.

If you’re not sure which plants to grow please have a look at our Planting for Wildlife and What Plant Where pages. Each plant’s entry in our shop also has details of who it may attract.

You can also download a seed catalogue to print off and read at your leisure.

The flower seeds in our shop all have some benefit to insects and all of our wildflower seeds are of UK origin.

We try to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Our seeds are packed in kraft paper recycled envelopes with inner protective glassine packets, (made from wood pulp), all of which can be recycled. Any packaging used in sending orders is also plastic and foil free and recyclable.

Until recently we used to grow plants on a commercial basis, and we have grown most of the different varieties we now have for sale so although our seed packets all have full information on how to sow please do get in touch if you have any further questions or need advice about any of our products.