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If you’d like to make your garden wildlife friendly, we can help!

Wildlife populations in the UK have fallen drastically since 1970. Loss of habitat along with pesticides are among the many problems other species face, with further burdens caused by the climate / biodiversity crisis.

We can help most of all by being lazier and doing less in the way of tidying, cutting mowing etc. which will make our gardens much more welcoming to wildlife.

What we plant is also important. A lot of modern plants are bred for their appearance and while they look pretty, many provide little in the way of pollen or nectar.  

By choosing to add some native wildflowers, old-fashioned cottage garden favourites and even some herbs to your plot, you’ll provide food for a wide variety of insects. This will in turn attract birds, mammals and amphibians into your garden.

If you have room for a wildflower meadow, that's wonderful, but even a window box, or a few pots can make a difference.

If you’re not sure which plants to grow please have a look at our Planting for Wildlife and What Plant Where pages.

Each plant’s entry in our shop also has details of which wildlife it may attract.

Native or non-native?

We have included native wildflowers, naturalised wildflowers and garden flowers based on their benefits to wildlife.

Native wildflowers are marked as Native. 

Archaeophytes, plants introduced by humans from before the iron age to roughly the Tudor period, are marked as Naturalised Wildflowers. 

More recent introductions, (Neophytes),  will be shown as Cottage Garden Flowers or Herbs depending on their traditional use


Previously, we used to grow plants on a commercial basis, and have grown most of the different varieties we now sell. Although our seed packets all have full information on how to sow please get in touch if you have any further questions or need advice about any of our products.


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