Red is the colour...

Published on 20 January 2023 at 17:14




Firstly, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, did you know that our Show the Bees some love! tins are now also available in a luscious metallic red?


There's also a little bit of bad news and some good news.  


I always think it's better to get the bad news out of the way first so here goes - 

We're very sorry but we're going to increase our prices slightly.  This will happen on February 1st so if you're thinking of ordering this gives you another 10 days or so to buy at the current prices.


Now for the good news.


There are some new seed varieties available, mainly seeds grown here that we harvested last autumn.

We've been cleaning and packaging as fast as we can and more will appear over the next week or two, (keep an eye on our New Products page)

This is Elecampane, one of my favourites, (another one).

It's a big, bold plant and the seeds  are a bit like dandelion, (but much bigger).

This is the seed mixture after drying

Firstly we remove the fluff, (which gets up our noses)

Then the chaff, (bits of petal and other detritus )

And finally, we're left with lovely clean seeds

The seeds are then packaged and are ready to be sown, their potential unleashed and the bees and hoverflies made happy!

That's pretty much all our news for the moment but hopefully things will both dry up and warm up shortly and we can all get gardening and planting.


Here's hoping for good weather 



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