Type: Hardy Perennial
Approximate height: Up to 1 metre
Flowering Time: Late spring to early summer
Site and soil type: Moist but well-drained soil in sun or semi-shade, Acid, Alkaline, or Neutral
When to sow: Spring, summer or autumn
Where to sow: Outside, direct into soil or under cover, modules or pots.
Packet contents: Approximately 150 seeds / 0.27 g

Granny's Bonnets, (or Granny's nightcaps), are an easy to grow cottage garden favourite which will happily self-seed around your garden.

These are seeds  from the various Granny’s Bonnets in our garden which include plants of various heights and colours from white and the palest pink to dark purple.

Because the bees love them these plants will have been cross-pollinated and could be any colour or size. 

Your seedlings may be single, double, single coloured or bi-coloured, short or tall but all will be pretty and provide nectar for Butterflies and Bees.

Some of the shorter tongued bees can often be seen "nectar robbing" these flowers and you'll notice little holes in the spurs on the back of the flower.  This is because they cannot reach the nectar from the flower's opening, so they bite through the back of the flower to get to it. 


Granny's Bonnets attracts / provides food for the following creatures:

  • Bees
  • Butterflies

All our seed packets include sowing instructions.

Jemima’s Garden seeds are plastic free and reyclable. They’re contained in an inner glassine envelope, (made from pine wood cellulose), and an outer paper seed packet. Any shipping packaging is also plastic free and recyclable.


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