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Pollinator Friendly Perennial Wildflower Seeds Collection Tin

Type: Perennial Native Wildflower Seeds
Approximate height: Various
Flowering Time: Summer
Site and soil type: Suitable for different positions, please see individual seed details.
When to sow: Spring, summer or early autumn depending on variety.
Where to sow: Outside, direct into soil or under cover, into trays, modules or pots.

Eight individual packets of colourful Perennial Wildflower seeds in a chunky tin with a bundle of wooden seedling labels.

A pretty mix of native wildflowers to provide food for bees and other insects.

All these plants are easy to grow and each packet comes complete with sowing instructions.

The tin also contains a bundle of wooden seedling labels so you can label your sown seeds.

The following varieties are included and if you require further information please click on the plant name below and it will open a page for that plant's individual seed packet.

Bird's Foot Trefoil

Field Scabious

Greater Knapweed

Ox-eye Daisy

Ragged Robin

Red Campion

Red Clover



The tin measures: Approximately 12.7 x 12.7 x 5.4 cms and is re-usable, simply remove the paper labels.

Our wildflower seeds are all of UK origin.

These 8 different varieties attract or provide food for various insects, (and subsequently bats), such as different types of bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies. For possible species, please see individual plant details. 

All our seed packets include sowing instructions.

Jemima’s Garden seeds are plastic free and reyclable. They’re contained in an inner glassine envelope, (made from pine wood cellulose), and an outer Kraft paper seed packet. Any shipping packaging is also plastic free and recyclable.