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Basil Seeds – Sweet Genovese - Ocimum basilicum - Culinary Herb

Type: Tender Annual
Approximate height: 45 - 60 cm
Flowering Time: Summer
Site and soil type: Moist, well-drained soil in sun
When to sow: Indoors March to June for planting outside, indoors all year round for growing indoors.
Where to sow Indoors into module seed trays or small pots
Packet contents: Approximately 1000 seeds / 1.43 g

‘Sweet Genovese’ is thought to be one of the best varieties of basil with sweet-flavoured, soft-textured leaves.

The aromatic leaves are a bright green and the flowers are white. 

Can be used to flavour pesto, pizzas, ratatouille and pasta sauces.


Tips: Water Basil plants in the morning, water the compost rather than watering the leaves. Basil will do better in a large pot in a greenhouse or conservatory rather than outside in the garden

All our seed packets include sowing instructions.

Jemima’s Garden seeds are plastic free and reyclable. They’re contained in an inner glassine envelope, (made from pine wood cellulose), and an outer Kraft paper seed packet. Any shipping packaging is also plastic free and recyclable.